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Why choose spray rendering?

The time taken to spray render is far shorter than traditional rendering.


Spray rendering application is cheaper that traditional rendering. For the majority of projects, spray rendering only requires one application .


Long term maintenance of a spray rendered surface costs less than traditional rendering.


Spray rendering provides better insulation than traditional rendering.                                      

  • quicker

  • cheaper to apply

  • cheaper to maintain

  • increased insulation




K Rend

Monorex is a material   composed of hydraulic mortar. The hydraulic mortar contains cement, lime, siliceous and calcareous sand and mineral pigments.



- coloured

- weather resistant

- breathable  

- ideal for vertical masonry and concrete walls.


All our operatives are PAREX Registered Applicators

Monocouche is  composed of lime, cement, formulating and special additives for waterproofing.



- requires just one coat

- breathable

- waterproof

- suitable for external, vertical concrete blocks or brick walls.

Weber is a material based on mortar. It comes in many forms with different polymers added so that it can be used as a top coat render or as a stand-alone coat.



- easy to apply

- cheaper.

K Rend contains silicone that repels water and is resistant to algae and limebloom.



- no need to wait for the effects of limebloom to disappear - no need to apply low strength acid concentration to the rendered surface.

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